War thunder matchmaking jets

Expect a lot of shit-tier planes to fly. Now I have this song about sex stuck in my head. Have fun doing the same boring grinding-routine for the rest of the year. It is proper to make the assumption that Candlejack has gotten their hand All-in-all, avoid this mode like the plague, unless you really want to be like those saluting, elitist, diehard douchebags that thought they were hot shit in "IL-2 Sturmovik" for shooting down more than one player at a time.

Now you may be thinking "Can't a high level player just use reserves and a jet and murder me?


Fucking useless against anything bigger than a T Visit the Gaming Portal for complete coverage. In doing so, Gaijin ensures you will never be able to fly the plane of your choice again with repair costs so high, it'll bankrupt your wallet faster than investing into Greece. All rights reserved. One of the most broken planes in the entire game.


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